New Jersey Florist Captured on Film Removing Flowers From Graves

More interesting as a “Sign Of The Times”. Notwithstanding the bogus government statistics and the corporate media, is the economy really so far in the dumpster that this is the only way she could keep her business afloat?

And what does it say about morality in America? The elites lie, cheat and steal, but almost never are prosecuted, let along find themselves incarcerated. Corporations murder with regularity, pollution and especially the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel, but rather than real consequences they just give a small part of their profits as a kickback to the government.


lynda-wingateWe have periodically discussed crimes involving grave robbing and how to punish such heinous acts.  The latest such case is out of New Jersey where flowers were being taken from the First Reformed Church Cemetery in Pompton Plains and authorities decided to set up a surveillance camera.  Police say that the camera captured Lynda Wingate, 59, in the act.  She turns out to be a former police dispatcher and the owner of a floral shop.

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